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Miscellaneous Insurance



Public Liability

Coverage against legal liability to pay compensation to any 3rd party for accidental bodily injury or death and/or direct damage to the material property caused due to negligence of the insured whilst on their premises.

Product Liability

Coverage against the losses and/or damage to the third party arising from the usage of the Insured’s product. This may include any type of manufacturing fault and bad workmanship.

Umbrella Liability

An extension to the Public Liability policy enhancing the sum insured.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Indemnity against financial loss caused as a result of an employee’s dishonest activity.

Cash in Safe Insurance

Indemnifies loss arising due to burglary or dacoity kept in the safe at the premises of the insured.

Cash in Transit Insurance

Indemnifies loss arising due to snatching or dacoity during transit from the insured’s premises to named destination and vice versa as specified in the policy.

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